LEAP | Including Kids

for ages 10-14

LEAP is a multifaceted program that builds skills for independence and inclusion in the community as appropriate for each client (approximately ages 10-14). Each client in the LEAP program has a research-based treatment plan that is personally tailored to their needs and the needs of the family in order to address the core deficits of autism. LEAP offers a one to one therapist-to-client ratio in addition to small groups in order to generalize skills. The program is closely supervised by an on-site Board Certified Behavior Analyst that supervises no more than 7 cases. Parents play an integral role in developing goals for their child and parents receive monthly trainings and they are encouraged to include siblings and other caregivers.

Benefits of Leap

Being part of the LEAP program will not only benefit your family and prepare your child for inclusion, but it also affords your child unique group opportunities such as:

  • Summer Inclusion Programming
  • Opportunities to improve social interaction with typically developing peers
  • Technology-intensive programming (iPad usage in classroom)
  • ALLY (Advancement of Learning and Leadership in Young Adults) Program: a peer “buddy” system increase social awareness through observational learning by interacting with typically developing peers in a typical classroom setting.

Our organization also accepts insurance if applicable; some services may be limited due to insurance plan constraints.

Including Kids, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color or ethnic or national origin in the administration of its policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, or any other programs which it administers.