Board of Directors, Ambassadors, Circle of Friends | Including Kids Autism Center

Board of Directors, Ambassadors, and Circle of Friends

Including Kids, Inc. is guided by a distinguished Board of Directors. We are privileged to be led by an eclectic group of business professionals, leaders, visionaries, and counselors. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the Board of Directors, please contact our Board President, Chuck Shepherd. 

Board of Directors

  • Chuck Shepherd, President
  • William Deubner, Vice-President
  • Tony Crossley, President Emeritus
  • Jennifer Dantzler, Executive Director
  • Shannon Callens, Director of Operations
  • Marcia Preston, Treasurer
  • Marilyn Crossley, Secretary
  • Trey Hill, Director
  • Dan Keane, Director
  • Sandy LaClave, Director
  • Dean Ryan, Director
  • Clarence Estes, Director

Ambassadors & Circle of Friends

  • John Ankenbrandt
  • Stephen E. Browne
  • Dan Burkhardt
  • Bruce Gunther
  • Charmaine Keane
  • Grant LaClave
  • Steve Levine
  • Joe Orsak
  • Sandra Flores
  • Garrett Smith