Our Story | Including Kids Autism Center

Our Story

At Including Kids, it is a vital goal for 100% of our clients to be included in the community. This includes in school, at job sites, in group programs and through social activities. As our clients continue to thrive, we are building programs and partnerships that support children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder, including those that may exhibit aggressive behaviors. Our multi-faceted program teaches life skills, self-awareness, self-control, communication, social skills and academic training to the level of each individual’s abilities.

What We Offer

Including Kids was founded in 2003 at a time when autism was reaching epidemic levels and there were very few services offered in the state of Texas. In response to the needs of the community and fueled by her passion for autism advocacy, Jennifer Dantzler and a loyal Board of Directors started the Including Kids Autism Center. We have created a full-time program that continues to change the lives of children and young adults with autism, offering them a chance to be included in the community. Today, Including Kids has served over one thousand families through various service offerings including:

  • Full-time Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) programming
  • After-School Programs Please see our after-school page for a list of groups offered.
  • Community Outreach Initiatives FREE to the public (i.e. Parents Night Out, Autism Friendly Events, Babysitter’s Course)
  • Behavioral Therapy Consultation or Assessment
  • Fundamental Behavior Skills
  • Ready for Life
  • Young Adult Program
  • FREE Saturday Support Workshops
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops

What We Do

We have a number of different programs within our organization designed to help the whole child and based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). With our full-time programming option, we make individualized plans for each child based on his or her needs. Then, we implement intensive one-to-one instruction using various research-based techniques including discrete trial, natural environment training, shaping, reinforcement, and task analysis. We focus on skills necessary for the child to be as independent in life as possible. Including Kids’ support, however, does not stop at full time programming.

Including Kids provides programs for children and youth with autism and related delays ages 2 and up. Including Kids is unique in the Houston area because it both serves young adults with autism and helps children and young adults with autism who exhibit aggressive behaviors.

Mission Statement


Including Kids aims to provide evidence-based, behavior analytic interventions for persons with autism and related disabilities to maximize individual potential and to facilitate their meaningful inclusion in the community.