Direct Services - Including Kids

Direct Services 

At Including Kids, we do everything we can to tailor our services to each one of our client’s needs so that they can best grow and learn. Our organization offers a variety of direct services to our clientele to help improve target skills of their choice. Our services include programs that target functional skills, social skills and academic skills, ranging from one on one tutoring sessions to group social clubs for various age groups.


Focused Intervention

The focused intervention program provides targeted therapy in order to make gains in a specific area. Examples include but are not limited to toilet training, learner readiness, behavior management, communication training, reinforcement systems, executive functioning, independent living skills, and job skills. Clients are seen 1-10 hours per week based on the recommendation of the behavior analyst and there are no age restrictions.


After-school tutoring provides one-on-one individualized academic instruction to children ages 5 and up. Topics and target subject areas are provided by the parents based on the individual needs of each client.

Play Club

Play Club provides social skills instruction to children 4-6 years old. Example skills worked on in this group include: attending to and interacting appropriately with peers, taking turns, imitating peers and pretend play skills. Individuals with special needs learn better when they can model skills from their age-appropriate peers.  Families that would like to send their
typically-developing children may do so for FREE!

Brain Training

Brain Training groups work on executive functioning skills such as time management, planning, organization, working memory, task initiation, emotional control, and response inhibition. Participants in these groups are 6-16 years old.

Teen Social Club

Our Teen Social Club provides social skills instruction for preteens and teens ages 12-17. This group addresses skills such as finding common interests, different levels of friendships, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, and perspective taking.

Sib Club

Sib Club provides siblings of kids with special needs a group of peers who “get it.” Facilitators assist the children in sharing feelings and experiences in an encouraging and positive format.